Introducing your 2023-2024 Mr & Miss Ultimate Starz Title Holders...

*“2024-2025 National Mr/Miss Ultimate Starz Title Competition”*


We are Super Excited to announce that our 2024-2025 National Mr/Miss Ultimate Starz Title Competition will be held Separately from Nationals this year on July 12th-14th, 2024 in Taylorsville, NC. Due to the overwhelming popularity of making this event OPEN to ALL soloists who Competed a Solo during our Regional event season the past few years, we have decided to make it OPEN to ALL soloists during this regional event season again! Entry fee of $185 is a terrific value and includes National Title t-shirt, Title name badge, Title competition program, Solo routine, Interview, Evening wear, & Photogenic competition. It will be tons of FUN! Reach out to your Studio Director for all the info, entry deadlines, and forms!

~Talent-Routine using any dance technique and steps. This is a separate category/competition from Solo Routine. Contestants may compete in both Solo Routine & Titles competition for an extra fee. Judging criteria includes skill level, knowledge of routine, choreography, over-all appearance, and entertainment value. This portion counts for 60 points of your score. Top Talent awards will be given.

~Interview-Each contestant will spend 2-3 minutes with our panel of 3 judges. Questions will come primarily from the below contestant information form. Dancers will wear their National title t-shirt, black shorts, skirt, skort, capris or pants and black shoes with black socks if needed. Judging will be based on poise, ability to express ones self with the judges, and over-all appearance. This portion counts for 20 points of your score. Top Interview awards will be given.

~Evening Wear-Formal attire is expected for this category. Judging criteria includes fit of attire, poise, and over-all appearance. This portion counts for 10 points of your score. Top Evening Wear awards will be given.

~Photogenic-Photo can be no larger than 8x10 and can be color or black and white. Please send in 3 exact copies WITH YOUR registration!!! Judging will be based on presentation of contestant, clarity, and quality. This portion counts for 10 points of your score. Top Photogenic awards will be given.

*Check This Out!...Each age division queen/king will receive a fabulous crown, sash, and trophy. Runner-up and participation tiaras/medals and trophies will also be awarded.